Value Invest

Making it happen…

In 2003, Value Invest was created with a mandate to keep the independent spirit of pharmacy alive and thriving. And we’re making it happen in a big way.

Making it Happen for Young Pharmacists.
100% financing with a reliable support team that is invested in their success. We’re making the dream of ownership a reality for many entrepreneurially-minded pharmacists, years before it would otherwise be possible.

Making it Happen for Exiting Store Owners.
For owners who are selling—many of whom have put in a lifetime of work in their stores—we’re providing honest value that recognizes what they have achieved, while honoring and building upon the legacy they’ve created.

Making it Happen for our Shareholders.
Investing with us means investing in the very idea of entrepreneurship and independent ownership. Our shareholders are helping to provide opportunities to individuals who deserve it, and stability to communities that depend on it.

Making it Happen in Our Communities.
Value Drug Mart stores have a history of helping to shape the identities of the communities they serve. Local owners, financially and emotionally invested in the success of local priorities and local traditions, proud of their roots, and committed to providing quality service to their customers—customers who are also their neighbors.

That’s what we’re determined to preserve.